“Call for Submissions...”

Photo and submission call contributed by Michael Green.

The theme for this issue and the next couldn’t be more poignant being “Inside” and “Connection”. Most of us are enduring an enforced period of self-isolation or at least social distancing. Endurance will play a key part in this piece of writing as you will discover.


I have just returned from five months in the frigid seas around Antarctica. I spent many days inside the ship I travelled on suffering seasickness and the discomfort try to shower or moving around a rolling ship. After enduring these periods of lockdown we generally arrived at some wonderful place such as South Georgia or the Antarctic Peninsula. These places rewarded our suffering with adventure and experiences which soon made us long for more suffering to get to the next place.


After one period of four days, we arrived at Point Wild on Elephant Island a place where Frank Wild and the twenty-seven crew of Ernest Shackleton’s ship endured three month’s twenty-seven days of hardship and suffering before connecting to the “civilised” world and safety.


CoVid 19 began to get a hold on our world towards the end of my voyage. This caused me to endure 36 hours with no sleep in Buenos Aires to avoid arrest and quarantine. Followed by long flights to São Paulo in Brazil and then home to London. After these periods inside airports and aeroplanes, I returned home to face this virus with loved ones in my home.


Having experienced 23 degrees above freezing for the whole of November in Antarctica I wonder if the most dangerous virus on this planet is us the human race? We must think about and change things so we create more and damage less. The art in these two issues could be the catalyst to begin this change. We must connect with each other and our planet to begin the process aw begin to reconnect with our family and friends, our art will help I am sure.


It is worth suffering to experience the good times like the day I left the inside of the ship and saw the waves that were causing my pain I felt connected to nature and had to attempt to capture what I could see!! 


Don’t forget that media using sound and moving image can also be submitted (.mp3 & .mp4 preferable) to be embedded in the digital zine, and throughout our website and social media platforms

We would ask you for a max 100-word bio and a min 200/max 2000 word reflective account of your creative process, or written accompaniment for our printed edge-zine. We are interested in your visual or verbal outcome as much as we are interested in the process of making and your practice, and will include a written link to where your work can be viewed / or heard.


Use the submission form, of which the link is also available via our website or on Facebook, which allows you to submit up to 10 files with max 100 Mb (please note that not all images submitted may be used).


Incomplete submissions will not be accepted.


We get a lot of wonderful submissions and, although we try to include as many of them as possible, 80 pages are surprisingly limiting so please don’t be disheartened if your submission hasn’t made it in this time. Where possible you will be given priority in the next edition. 



Midnight, June 30th 2020


We look forward to seeing, watching and/or hearing your submissions for our Summer 2020 edition. 




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