“Call for Submissions”


Written by Sophie Edwards

In this world of constant change, one element remains the same: Earth is filled with people. Together, we make a beautiful mosaic of humanity, each of us representing a new and unique piece of the window.

On the inside, we are all the same. Our hearts beat, our lungs breathe, our blood flows through our veins, but on the outside, none of us are identical, from the shape of our noses to the prints of our fingers. We are British, Russian, African, Asian. We are male, female, young and old. We are rich and poor, gifted and wise, and some of us are still waiting to discover our potential.


Our gender, our colour, our race and our talents all contribute to who we truly are – and to what makes us special. To what gives us our identity.


We invite all OCA students, tutors, and alumni to submit their own, unique contributions for Issue 12: Identity. We welcome ideas, sketches, works-in-progress, writing, images and music.


Media using sound and moving images should be in .mp3 or .mp4 format.

Please send a short bio of up to 100 words and a reflective account detailing your creative process, 200-2000 words.


Each submission will represent you as an individual and will reflect the incredible diversity that makes this world extraordinary.


Incomplete submissions will not be accepted for consideration.


Closing date: 31/08/2021, 11:59


We look forward to reading your submission


Your edge-zine team