“Call for Submissions”

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Photo by Michael Green.

I recently read an article in Emergence Magazine by the eco-philosopher and Buddhist scholar Joanna Macy.  She introduces the reader to the bardo which is the Tibetan Buddhist concept of a gap between worlds where transition is possible. At present, the continuing coronavirus pandemic has placed all of us in a confusing world where nothing seems the same. This feeling of being on shifting ground can be frightening, but Joanna Macy encourages us to see this bardo as a place of potential transformation.


OCA Students, Tutors and Graduates are now invited to submit contributions for our next Issue where the theme for Issue 10 will spark into further life as ‘Catalyst’ for Issue 11 which will be published towards the end of March 2021.


A catalyst is an agent that stimulates or precipitates a reaction, development, or change.  It is something that causes an important event to happen.  We invite you to engage with this theme and submit contributions, ideas, sketches, works in progress, writings, images, music etc.


Remember that media using sound and moving image can also be submitted (.mp3 & .mp4 preferable) to be embedded in the digital zine and throughout our website and social media platforms.  We also ask you for a max 100 word bio and a min 200/max 2000 word reflective account of your creative process. Use the submission form, of which the link is also available via our website or on Facebook, which allows you to submit up to 10 files with max 100 Mb.


Please note, though, that not all images submitted may be used and incomplete submissions will not be accepted.  


The submission form itself also contains full information on file types and image sizes.  We try to include as many as possible of the wonderful submissions we receive but 80 pages are surprisingly limiting so please don’t feel disheartened if your submission hasn’t made it this time.  Where possible you will be given priority in the next edition.


The submission deadline is: Midnight, 28 February 2021


We look forward to seeing, watching and/or hearing your submissions. 


Your edge-zine team.