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The Submissions that we couldn't fit in.

My name is Amy-Sarah and I work on the design and layout of edge-zine. Although I've worked on magazines before, I have normally been Part of a design team or contracted to work on specific elements or projects i.e. logos, social media, UI/UX, etc..., so, edge-zine is quite a learning Kerb for me. I have more creative freedom than I am used to and this is the first 'art' magazine I have worked on.

One of the hardest aspects for the edge-zine team is having to cut or trim some of the submissions, so that we can keep to the 80 pages. It is always hard decision to make as we know that this submission is the result of someone's hard work.

Every quarter we will be displaying most of the submissions that didn't make it, here, on the blog, because 99% of the time it's because we just ran out of room, the other 1% is where the submission is not really appropriate or of a quality we just can't use.

If your submission didn't make it into edge-zine don't be disheartened and please try again as were possible we will give you priority in the next edition.

Best wishes


Robbe(ry) - Renate Maas

Shuswap Floods - Lynda Kuit

Still-Life research - Anon.

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