ABOUT edge-zine: 

edge-zine is a non-profit, art student-led publication, showcasing various artistic approaches and supporting cross-disciplinary works of an international collective of present and past students of the Open College of the Arts, the distance learning unit of the University for the Creative Arts (UCA), one of the leading creative and art-based universities in the UK. 


The mission is simple and pragmatic: to show work and to provide insight into a process of contemporary art practices as research across medium specificity in our visual culture. We consider edge-zine as an evolving and developing publication and platform for creative approaches, the form and the content will continue to be fluid, as water.

Founded in 2016, it all began with the idea of bringing works of different students together, who live and work physically distant from each other. It developed further into an online zine published on the issuu platform. edge-zine is present through its own website as well as various social media platforms.

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